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Vivick Has Launched Fashion Bag Radio

Posted by merzaha gulhku Wednesday, June 12, 2013 0 comments
Vivick has consistently adhered to "judge a book by" concept in its latest satchel-style fully brought out on the radio. First, the radio front lines of a large area of textured white so that everyone will think that this is a new LV bag or Dunhill, and its large LCD screen on the appearance is so full of fashion and technology, modern feel. Light green LCD display an exact match with the modification of the front. More the color is that the handle can be swapped into the black, light green, burgundy, orange and several colors, the same as the phone color covers. Handle the most important role is the same as the parts off, it is designed with a wide hollow and bold lines of the bag strap style atmosphere, very avant-garde, and open the 30-degree angle, the handle can also play a support role.

Functionally, this vivick satchel-style radio LCD screen first abandon the current number of keys used to set the radio, but retro to use the adjustment knob on the LCD screen menu and functional operation, simple and easy. The radio is the positive pattern of large speakers, and excellent sound quality and sensitivity, treble bright, gentle tenor, bass shock, power is considerable. In sensitivity, this radio show is also very good, FM high sensitivity, almost all around the city can receive FM radio, which is also sensitive enough to wave, but sometimes peripheral antenna. It is worth mentioning that this radio outside the volume is high, a strong anti-interference, signal to noise ratio greater than 70dB, power consumption is not high, more than two hours continuous playback time, very suitable for street or outdoor use.

When you are in the countryside, camping, tent, watching the blue sky or a leisurely walk in the streets, carry the bag-type vivick listen to the radio can bring enough to enjoy, this subversion of the traditional concept of the radio range of children with fashion, is fully capable of maverick meet user needs.

About vivick

vivick is the worlds leading brands of electronic components, from Vancouver, Canada, is Canadas most professional brand of industrial design for Apple, Samsung, Dell and Sony, the worlds leading brands flagship product, accessories designed to provide first time program. vivick its creative design team often known for violence and destruction, they can take into account the broad user needs, ergonomic research and the most demanding professional user testing, and integration of imaginative art design.