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Stepper Motor Controller Using by A3952S

Posted by merzaha gulhku Saturday, August 31, 2013 0 comments
Using the A3952S stepper motor controller ( designed by Allegro MicroSystems ) we can design a very simple and useful motor driver circuit that can be used in many electronic applications . A3952S stepper motor controller is capable of continuous output currents up to 2 A and operating voltages range up to 50 V. Internal fixed off-time PWM current-control circuitry can be used to regulate the maximum load current to a desired value. The MODE terminal can be used to optimize the performance of the device in microstepping / sinusoidal stepper motor drive applications.

A3952S Stepper Motor Controller Circuit diagram

When the average load current is increasing, slow-decay mode is used to limit the switching losses in the device and iron losses in the motor. The thermal performance in applications with high load currents and/or high duty cycles can be improved by adding external diodes in parallel with the internal diodes. In internal PWM slow-decay applications, only the two top-side (flyback) diodes need be added. For internal fast-decay PWM, or external PHASE or ENABLE input PWM applications, all four external diodes should be added for maximum junction temperature reduction .

As you can see in the schematic diagram , this stepper motor driver circuit require two A3952S circuits and other few additional electronic components.