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there are two kinds of antennas of Cell Phone Jammers available

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The accurate shielding can be performed to this kind of  Cell Phone Jammers 
Master receive eight data loopback acknowledge bit, but directly back to your one stop signal to complete a read operation immediately; select the read mode, the master device first sends a start signal from the device address, and finally read data; continuous mode immediately read or choose to read the expansion immediately read or read operation to obtain a byte of data in the implementation of the master device and back to your stop signal but back your an acknowledge bit to indicate that the main device more data are needed, then an orderly manner from the device subsequent bytes of data sent to the data online, know so far received the master device is given the stop signal. In the SCM system, the CPU is not only to achieve control of their own.
If successful after the completion of the CPU from the external character to take the program execution, if made to the program exceptions, it can lead to "watchdog" to reset both the program and from address 0 begin. The CPU reads the character through the parallel data and address lines and address lines, together with the read and write control clock line W / R, some readers may ask, font is how to distinguish between the program read, or read the data? Microcontroller with external program memory chip select signal line or the CS, CE, and the W / R role, you can allow the character to distinguish between read data or program. Phone all the software work processes are carried out under the action of the CPU, the specific division of the five processes described below. This is one of reflects that the quality assurance of  Cell Phone Jammers is productive.
These processes are in the form of a software data storage in the phone EEPROM and FLASHROM of in the process boot process. When the phones power supply module detects a power key is pressed, the cell phone battery voltage is converted to a voltage value for each part of the mobile phone circuit supplied to the power module, the clock circuit supply voltage after oscillation signal into the logic circuit, CPU voltage and clock signal, performs the boot process, first of all read from the ROM boot code, the implementation of the logical system self-test. And all of the reset signal is set high, if the self-test by the CPU given Watchdog (Watchdog) signal to each module. From the S60 phone has launched, Nokia can be said to deliver the largest section of the manufacturers. The testing cares about the product quality of Cell Phone Jammers .And there are two kinds of antennas of Cell Phone Jammers available
Through the infrared interface, the various types of mobile devices can be free to exchange data. Infrared electromagnetic waves of wavelengths between 750nm to 1mm, its frequency is higher than the microwave lower than that of visible light, a human eye can not see the light. Due to the shorter wavelength of the infrared obstacle diffraction poor, so more suitable for application in situations that require short-range wireless communication, point-to-point straight-line data transmission. Infrared Data Association (IRDA) to limit the scope of the wavelength of light used by the infrared data communication within the 850nm to 900nm. Mobile phones equipped with infrared interface for wireless Internet is very simple, do not need cable and PC CARD set up an infrared connection agreement will be able to direct Internet access.