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Simple Flashing Lights Schematic

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This is a straightforward flashing milds circuit can be used as beacon. The meeting consists basically of two blinking steps that commands two mild bulbs. With the lend a hand of P1 that you might be ready to adjust the flashing frequency between some restricts. There are 2 phases for the circuit, the 2d works the comparable manner as the opposite but with the lend a hand of a wire bridge or a switch that you could select different working modes.A bridge between M and three means: 2 unbiased blinks.

Circuit diagram :
Flashing Lights Schematic-Circuit Diagram

Flashing Lights Schematic Circuit Diagram

If there is a bridge between M and 2, then the lamps gentles alternatively with a frequency that can be modifyed with P1. And at last there may just be one extra possibility for M and 1, where the lamps blinks at the related time. The flashing milds circuit works with voltages between 3V and 15V. The lamps voltage have to be 2/3 of working voltage. R5 and R10 are chosen so that the lamps are about to light.