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Very Low Dropout Adjustable Breadboard Power Supply

Posted by merzaha gulhku Wednesday, July 31, 2013 0 comments
This project details the design of a very low dropout adjustable power supply. A good power supply is essential to electronic projects. While there are many existing designs for adjustable power supplies, this one makes improvements that make it more useful for hobby designs

Very Low Dropout Adjustable Breadboard Power SupplyMIC2941 regulator has guaranteed 1.25A output
Low dropout, only 40mV - 400mV compared to 1.25V - 2.0V for LM317. This means you can use a wider range of output voltages including generating 3.3V from as low as 3.7V (such as 3 AAs or a lithium ion battery)!
Short circuit and overheating protection
Input diode to protect circuitry from negative voltages or AC power supplies.
2.1mm DC jack and terminal connector for voltage inputs
Two indicator LEDs for high and low voltages
Output selection switch to select from 3.3v, 5v and Adjustable
On-board potentiometer for adjusting voltage from 1.25V up to within 0.5V of the input voltage. (20V max)
On/Off switch for entire board
Very Low Dropout Adjustable Breadboard Power Supply Circuit Diagram