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Logic Gates

Posted by merzaha gulhku Wednesday, December 18, 2013 0 comments

         Simple Logic Processor Circuit or you can say a simple computer.

               Picture of our Logic Gate Project
      We have made three logic gate in our project. 1st is OR Gate, 2nd is AND Gate and 3rd one is NOT Gate.  LED’s as indicator glows to show output level high or low.Here we have kept glow as “1″ and dark for “0″ This circuit uses Diode and Transistor for switching.
3V supply is enough for the circuit.
Circuit Diagram will be available soon.
Component List :
LED Red or Green – 3Pcs
Switch mini SPST or slide Switch – 5 Pcs
Diode 4007 – 2Pcs
Transistor BC558 – 3Pcs
Resistance 1 K – 3 Pcs
Resistance 220 Ohms – 1 Pc
Battery Container 3V