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Then find someone that you enjoy doing it with

Posted by merzaha gulhku Wednesday, December 25, 2013 0 comments
Then find someone that you enjoy doing it with - a friend, your dog or do it on your own and make it your time to focus on your body and empty your mind!
If you are just too tired to exercise, try just walking around the block everyday, maybe twice a day. Then increase the number of times around the block as your energy builds and your stamina increases. There may be days when even this is too much. On those days, simply honour the messages from your body, without being hard on yourself, and give your body the love and rest it needs.
Now lets look briefly at the emotional side of the immune building story. Research has shown that immune response is affected by emotions. Simply put, you can think of the immune system - its strength and vitality - as a reflection of your emotional state. Everyone has heard stories of people dying after their loved ones pass away, otherwise known as dying of a broken heart. Well it may be more accurate to say they died of a depressed immune system. Studies have shown the link between specific negative emotions and the immune response. The most detrimental emotions are feelings of hopelessness or helplessness, like feeling trapped or stuck, with no control over the outcome of events. The next article in this series will address the emotional side of healing in more detail but in summary the more hope, the more joy, the more love and laughter you can bring into your life during your healing journey the more you are encouraging and stimulating your immune system.
I started meditating about 15 years ago. The first and most impressive benefit I experienced was the boost in my immune system that the meditation facilitated through the deep rest it provides. I went from having back to back colds to feeling healthy and almost never getting sick. Over the years, I also noticed that when I did get an occasional cold, it do not knock me out. I experienced only minor symptoms and they passed quickly.
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