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The aluminum alloy frame of cell phone jammer is adopted

Posted by merzaha gulhku Saturday, December 21, 2013 0 comments
Requestors are as many as cell phone jammer
Obviously, if we choose the conditions to determine if else, to judge the success of the conditions in the final else, we will unfortunately have to get to the data compared with all possible scenarios, a switch is the efficiency of many, will jumped into the branch we need this code is written in the run thread, that is, before closing the game will be an unlimited number of execution, we add a counter in the run thread, and then entered the game in figures do not move, in this case, the code will not enter the case branch, which is the optimal point in time when the first run to this location is 13.343 seconds, 101 runs to the time of the position point is 34.062 seconds. The aluminum alloy frame of cell phone jammer is adopted.
Similarly, we enter the game, to maintain the character does not move, that is, without any action, but this is probably the worst, the code will be detected from the first branch to the last branch, all the keys to match the detection side, If the characters move around will match from the middle position out of our characters do not move the case to record the implementation of the 1st to the point in time of 4.531 seconds, 101 times the execution time of 25.453 seconds, during which total consumption of 20.922 seconds for a total of 100 times, after the optimization of this process, the running time is reduced by 0.203 seconds. see that our optimization method is indeed to improve the effect of the code speed. Second, mobile phone game scale lack of technology, mobile games and there is no single industry standard, game developers to launch the game can only be run on a specific platform, which greatly diminished its market potential. cell phone jammer can act on CDMA, GSM, PHS, PCS, DCS and 3G.
Game mobile game service providers, but it is fragmented and have little effect, unlike the computer network games as can organize large-scale computer and video games, to cultivate a loyal group of professional players. In addition, the phone memory is also a constraint to the limited phone memory can meet the needs of todays most common games and other entertainment applications, but the face of the next generation of games have become the biggest obstacle. example, the phone can only save four games.